The National Insight Alliance* is a 21st Century initiative for the sharing of knowledge in order to inform better decision making.


Our purpose is to foster new thinking and co-operation in order

to contribute to addressing the country’s most pressing needs,

yet within the context of global issues.

We approach our activities by engaging leaders from the

political, business, cultural and societal sectors, to share

thinking and specific national perspectives on both local

and global agendas. As our identity illustrates, NIA fosters

national insight and focuses on four allied areas of interest.


We are a non-profit initiative created by John O'Brien MBE, headquartered in the UK and are an independent, impartial convenor, without political or other influences.


NIA applies an entrepreneurial approach to support better

decision making in advancing an equitable society on a long

term sustainable planet. 

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March 2022

Our efforts are shaped through collaboration, the shared values of those we work with and an enquiring attitude, focused on breaking down silos of thinking, broadening understanding, encouraging fresh outlooks to inform action.  We believe progress occurs by bringing people of different experiences together, challenging preconceptions, with a willingness to share, in order to improve the world.

As one entrepreneur described it, this is the ‘Glastonbury of Good’.

The NIA works with and through a significant network of cross sector organizations and individuals.

Our global co-founding strategic partner is the world recognised education charity, Corwall's