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John has been interviewed and contributed on a variety of his specialisms across many platforms and podcasts. These are just a sample of the conversations  shared.

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Lord Mark Price talks to John O'Brien about the incredible working background that led to the work he does today, helping individuals and companies find

a sense of purpose.

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Mallen Baker talks to

John O’Brien, who was responsible for what the UK government rated as the largest mobilisation of volunteering since world war 2. He was a founder of the Mosaic network, Remember WW1 and numerous other  entrepreneurial ventures.

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In the Business Author Podcast, John O'Brien discusses his book 'The Power of Purpose' with Lord Mark Price. This series gathers insights from interviews with world renowned leaders regarding leading in business.

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Oxford Business Book Festival

on The Power of purpose 

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John O'Brien discusses various aspects of leadership, purpose, life-work balance and team motivation.


This series gathers insights from  renowned leaders to help inspire non-profit leaders.

To access films, register with Clear and search for John in speakers.

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John O'Brien discusses how anyone has the potential to influence and add purpose to

their place of work.  ​ John shares observations on the shift to purpose-led organisations following the financial crash, the rise and fall of "CSR" and how to use the power of purpose to create a new culture for your business.  

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When does 'purpose' become woke-washing?

'The risk isn't in telling the truth, the risk is in not knowing where the truth lies.' 

In episode 01 of PEP TALK, Simon talks to John O'Brien. John is EMEA Managing Partner at ONE HUNDRED, Omnicom’s ethical purpose consortium consisting of nine of Omnicom’s leading global agencies. 

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