Everyone is a Purpose expert now
in 2009, when I started to evolve the post CSR thinking and language which many business leaders were
seeking as a potential leadership path, we didn't even call it 'Purpose'. Before too long I would find myself explaining in pitches and on platforms that my business was not a Marketing, Brand or PR agency, but a
Purpose agency.  We won work against such businesses, global and local, corporate and non-profit, because
we were a team which had credibility, authenticity and a hinterland of business and societal experience
second to none.
I suppose we helped create a market which now, just about everyone says they understand and 'Do' Purpose. 
Of course in one regard this should be celebrated, where good work is undertaken by equally motivated people with an appreciation that true purpose must be based on ethics and sustainable thinking. Many practitioners however struggle with some of the terminology, so we see lack of clarity creeping into the general environment. Specifically I want to help people understand the interaction between key definitions in this space.
Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 16.01.29.png
Know what you are talking about

This is because a constant issue I come across is the misunderstanding between the distinction of  an organization’s Vision, Mission & Purpose; as well as Values and Ethics and what role Leadership

has in this. So for your benefit, I lay out in this diagram the way in

which you can envisage  their interaction. It is not to suggest that

every organization requires a finely tuned definition of each, but if

you are looking to articulate purpose, then at least understand the accepted definitions.

I hope that it inspires clarity of your thinking and if interest is

sparked, would be happy to discuss how our ONE HUNDRED

agency can support such work in your organization in order to

mobilize internally, engage externally and drive purpose powered performance.  In short, this diagram and the language used is further explained in my article here: